Empowerment Seminar



As a parent, you’ve quickly learned that a big part of parenting is matching discipline, praise, and other parenting strategies to your child’s individual needs.

In fact, how well your parenting style matches the personality of your child has a major impact on how well-adjusted they become later in life.

Naturally, most parents try to understand the needs of their children, but it’s not always easy to figure out, especially when behavioral or emotional problems enter the mix.

Within this course, you can expect to learn the 3 must-know top tips:

1. The mindset shift that will take you from being frustrated and being in survival mode to connected and thriving as a parent.

2. How to go from control to connection so your child will understand the why behind your choices and be more effective at making better behavioral decisions.

3. From a broken you to a whole parent-child relationship, by shedding the guilt, shame, and dysfunction and walking into empathy, compassion, and a cohesive parent-child relationship.

Parenting classes geared toward children with specific needs, or of specific ages, can really help you nail the parenting style/personality mix that best suits your child.