Parent Enhancement Program



Discover together with your kids the benefits of learning and exploring together.
As a society, we need to learn different ways to engage with our children.
Open our minds to see that our children’s feelings matter,
no matter how big or small.
That’s why we’re here to support you and guide you in new ways of thinking.

In a comprehensive 12-week program we guide the parents with an open mind to unlearn and relearn different strategies when dealing with everyday life, and relating to their children.

There’s no one right way to raise a child, and we also know that solutions can vary.

From 1:1 coaching sessions to our established and extensive 12-week program. You will learn everything that you need to know about parenting, tailored to the needs of you and your family. By the end of the program you will see the following benefits:

  • Feel more confident in your parenting decisions
  • Know which strategies work (and which don’t!)
  • Build a stronger relationship with your children

1. One-on-One Parent Coaching:

We offer a 40-minute consultation, based on the needs of your family. We will discuss with you further sessions with more in-depth support.

2. Regular Sessions to Suit your Schedule:

We understand how hectic our lives can be. So, we put together a 12-week program. We will meet once a week for an hour based on the schedule you are comfortable with. You will be provided with materials to follow the topics so you and your coach can be on the same page and build a trusting relationship.

3. Learn Non-Violent Communication:

Every family was raised differently, the Parent Enhancement Program has put together a course on how we will better communicate within our family, in a non-violent, judgemental, and comparing way. Violence has a long-term effect on our children that can cause other issues in their lives.

4. Boost your Family's Self-Esteem:

We will guide you through the development of your child and we will be your sounding board as you explain what was your wins on that week with your child and what you were struggling with. As you begin to understand the developmental stages of your children, it will become easier to handle different situations.

5. Self-Care vs. After-Care:

In this course, you will learn a very important life story. We invest in a major type of care for our children. This is where it will teach you to care for yourself first instead of the aftercare of others. We explain why this is not a selfish way of life.

6. Move Away From Corporal Punishment:

Many of our parents have grown up in a Corporal Punishment style household. We know that some parents want to break the old generational paradigm as far as spanking, threatening, and yelling. There are many different styles to be a parent. This course will help you improve your parenting skills. The Parent Enhancement Program will support you through the challenges and misunderstandings by being with you and provide a safe space for communication.

7. Promote Healthy Child Development:

We will help you reconnect with your child. Develop that strong and safe space for you and your children on all levels of development.

8. Build Loving, Trusting & Sustainable Relationships:

We all have trigger points. Children also have trigger points. This makes a child Fight, Fear, or Flight. We have special resources to get you through those times of struggle may it be your child or you. We all want our children to build a loving and trusting relationship with always.

Behind every young child who believes in themselves
is a parent who believed in them first.