Workshops for Moms



Many moms feel like they could use a little help balancing the mother they want to be with the unique woman they are.

If you would enjoy taking time each week to focus on yourself, with like-minded women, and working together to create meaningful life changes, this is the workshop for you:

During this interactive and insightful program, we will look at eight areas relating to parenting (including communication, quality time, discipline, and time management), and eight relating to who you are as an individual, outside of your role as a mother (including personal development, fun, intimate and social relationships, and career).

Each week we will cover one or two “Mom” topics, and one or two “Me” topics, in a variety of thought-provoking ways. You will then give yourself at least one “Mom” assignment and one “Me” assignment to complete over the next week, based on the topics covered.

This gives you the chance to look at many areas of your life, take action in areas that are important to you, and share ideas, support and encouragement with other moms while you do it.